Making dreams come true


Quality of life – philosophy

Our philosophy is “Fusion Living”: the harmonious combination of the elements water, light, and air with people, architecture, and location – an interplay that creates quality of life. Architecturally it finds expression in large window fronts, wide spaces, sustainable furnishings, and flowing transitions to spacious balconies, extensive terraces, naturalistic gardens, and squares as communal places.

We combine our passion for the beautiful things of everyday life with creativity, quality, and reliability. The creation of a safe and warm home, with everything that constitutes a healthy and fulfilled life, is our mission in life. We believe in a balanced coexistence of nature, architecture, society, and the individual. We are firmly convinced that it is possible and desirable to enjoy the highest standard of living while at the same time taking into account the principles of ecological and cultural sustainability.


Creating new living spaces

Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel and Ludwig Maximillian Stoffel share not only their personal but also their professional aspirations. They founded STOFANEL Investment AG with the aim of creating contemporary living environments that are not only unparalleled in matters of design, comfort, and quality, but which also promote cultural awareness and environmental sustainability.
The head office of STOFANEL Investment AG and STOFFEL Holding GmbH is located in the Europäisches Haus in Berlin’s Pariser Platz.

2008 Foundation of STOFANEL Investment AG
2012 Marthashof Urban Village in Berlin-Mitte
2013 B.NAU Urban Home in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
2013 FÜNF MORGEN Gewerbe in Berlin-Dahlem
2014 Romeo & Giulia Urban Home in Berlin-Westend
2014 FÜNF MORGEN Dahlem Urban Village is the first residential project to receive the silver certificate from the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council)
2015 TILIA Living Resort in Berlin-Griebnitzsee
2017 FÜNF MORGEN Wohnen in Berlin-Dahlem
2019 FÜNF MORGEN Apartments in Berlin-Dahlem

Acquisition profile for offers of buildings and land with the potential for project development

As part of the development and realization of residential and commercial real estate, we are constantly looking for properties for project development (properties to be demolished, refurbishment properties, existing properties with expiring leases, etc.).

Property sizes should be at least 1,000 sqm, or 400 sqm in city centers. The usable space to be built should be over 2,000 sqm.

We are also looking for plots from approx. 5,000 sqm for the development of retail parks or logistics areas. These properties should be located on main or arterial roads or in otherwise heavily frequented areas.

In real estate development, we can cover projects with a volume of between €5.0 and 40.0 million.


You’ll never want to leave

STOFANEL implements modern residential, working and living standards.

An authentic life is something we can feel. It is not only defined by our sophisticated design, selected materials and sought-after locations. Above all, our well thought-out, holistic overall concepts ensure a positive attitude to life. For us, nature as the key to regeneration and relaxation is at the center of all projects. It has the highest priority for us. We create a place where you can experience holidays every day.