Fünf Morgen Commercial



A place full of life

FÜNF MORGEN commercial was completed as the first construction phase of the overall project FIVE TOMORROW at the end of 2013. The local supply center shields the residential area of the FÜNF MORGEN Urban Village from the corner of Clayallee and Argentine Alley. Here you will find not only supermarkets and organic food stores, but also a medical center and shops for daily needs. A gym with an indoor 25m swimming pool and a driving school are also on site. The piazza is a place full of flair, especially in summer.


Where Berlin is
at it’s greenest.

People from Berlin used to call Dahlem their “Green Salon” – no wonder, considering the numerous parks and avenues, not to mention the Botanic Garden. Just a few hundred meters west of FÜNF MORGEN the marvellous Grunewald stretches out with its chain of lakes.

Here you can wander for hours in the serenity of nature and still be just twenty minutes away from the Kurfürstendamm and the pulsating metropolis. Berlin is a city with much to give – especially its joy.